Blog Updates!

I finally figured out how to work this wordpress (somewhat). You may notice I had to change my site entirely to do that, though :) Once I get the hang of posting regularly, I’ll upgrade my theme and, hopefully, my font.

I’m going to commit to posting once a week because I can handle that kind of pressure. I’m really not into the internet and being open and “social” on the interwebs with strangers. You may have noticed there’s not much out there on me (on purpose). I always had a feeling it would be better to maintain a low profile (I’m looking at you NSA).

Any requests for what day of the week I should post? McAdoo Mondays? Wacky Wednesdays? Fu*k it Fridays?

And how do I turn off wraparound font!? YUCK!

More Masonic Symbolism from Disney

Another day, another Disney cartoon to decipher. Now, I’m not one of those people who looks for symbols everywhere, but the esotericism in this cartoon is hidden in plain sight. Donald Duck gives the masonic handshake and teaches children the magic of the pentagram. Can’t be mad at the Golden Spiral though. I would’ve been quite interested in math if I had watched this as a kid. It’s mathemagic!

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