Blog Updates!

I finally figured out how to work this wordpress (somewhat). You may notice I had to change my site entirely to do that, though :) Once I get the hang of posting regularly, I’ll upgrade my theme and, hopefully, my font.

I’m going to commit to posting once a week because I can handle that kind of pressure. I’m really not into the internet and being open and “social” on the interwebs with strangers. You may have noticed there’s not much out there on me (on purpose). I always had a feeling it would be better to maintain a low profile (I’m looking at you NSA).

Any requests for what day of the week I should post? McAdoo Mondays? Wacky Wednesdays? Fu*k it Fridays?

And how do I turn off wraparound font!? YUCK!

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8 thoughts on “Blog Updates!

  1. Lee Ann, based on your previous comments blogging is a chore for you–or at least is not part of your flow. All I can share is my own idea that it is best to get the tedious things out of the way ASAP. So I guess I vote for McAdoo Mondays. Good luck. I am thankful that you are on the side of good. :)

  2. I’m a long time listener to Infowars and it’s a huge turn on to see a well put together awake woman.. I had no clue that such women actually exist? They broke the mold after then made you girl!

  3. So refreshing to see such a pretty smart girl on the same page as real patriots….You have a lovely voice as well keep up the excellent work

  4. Make your presence known in all ways. Yes, NSA is tracking, lots of wackos out there, but use the principle of diversion. Everything online you can make them all point to a place where you might be (where you’re not vulnerable), but not necessarily the place where you reside… and you can back that up by a place of emergency. You can use their methods against them… never be afraid… make them afraid. You’re beautiful. Would like to get you on a film/video guess staring, if you’re up for acting.

    Be blessed!

  5. Hello Lee Ann , Eduardo here from Brazil… I need to tell you we loved you here… Always try to keep on your work on Infowars and I loved you so much you´re doin´Great Job …and Congrats for your WP Blog it´s awesome…I´m a blogger too as you can see on

    I expect we cam be good friends over sea …Kisses and bye bye

    Cheers : )

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