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  1. I just watched again your crew’s excellent report on InfoWars about the TPP from November 2013. Are you following and reporting on the current push for TPP? I do not get to watch InfoWars every day so I may have missed your recent reporting on this critical issue. Thanks for all your great work!

  2. You are my favorite reporter at Prison Planet. Congratulations on your great work!

    I am a long-time believe in synchronicity. Every day I learn more about the many ways to utilize these seeming coincidences in my mission to spread love, peace and freedom. I believe there is a certain serendipity that has brought me here to your blog.

    I was searching for a way to contact you in order to cc a message to you that I am sending to folks at Prison Planet. This appears to be the best way to get this message to you. Fortunately I already have a (little-used) blog at WordPress so it is easy for me to contact you here! I am also now inspired to make better use of my own blog!

    Following is the message I am sending to Prison Planet. You may find it of interest.

    I look forward to further correspondence with you!

    Keep up the great work!

    Hi folks,

    I am a big fan of Prison Planet and a long-time investigative journalist and video producer.

    I am writing to you to share a couple of important ideas that I believe are critical for PP to make evident to your fans.

    1) Regarding Bowe Bergdahl: Other than Lee Ann McAdoo, I have not seen or heard anyone focus on the identities of the five Muslim extremists who are being released from Gitmo. This is the most important angle being overlooked and undercoverred. Here’s why: It is my belief that the five extremists are assets of the US government/Al CIAda and will be put to use in Syria as an important team of assassins to kill members of the Assad family. They will also be used as primary organizers in the recruitment of new leaders in several covert US wars against other governments, including Russia’s.

    The covert US war against the people of Syria is on the verge of being accelerated to another level. Without Russian and Chinese opposition to US/NATO, which is weakening due to the developments in the Ukraine region, the US is increasing aid to the so-called Syrian opposition, both overtly and covertly. Of course, we have known for a long-time that the ultimate goal is the fall of Iran and Russia (both of which have massive amounts of oil reserves).

    I would be happy to go into more details on this issue and spell out other sinister plans of the Obama cabal.

    2) It is imperative that Prison Planet make a strong pitch for Rand Paul and his campaign as you wisely did for Ron Paul. I believe this is the most critical task before us at this time. The rest is fluff and a distraction. Supporting the Rand Paul campaign is the only tangible way we can turn things around–BIG TIME! The fascist elements that run the US government are very much in control. Their pretense of floundering is part of the game plan for them, just as they used the pretense of George W Bush as an “idiot” to manipulate the politics of America for eight years and accomplish all of their goals.

    I also believe that Ted Cruz is the red herring insider they are using to defeat Rand Paul. There are two ways, I believe they are doing this: a) by trying to defeat Rand Paul outright as they used their other insiders (Bachman, Perry, Gingrich, Chrisitie, etc. to distract attention from Ron Paul in the 2012 election cycle) and by giving the pretense that all “tea party) people are the same. Rand Paul stands head and shoulders over Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz will never win the Presidency. If we work hard, Rand Paul will be President. But we can not hesitate at this time!

    Further, Ted Cruz cannot be trusted. And I’m sure you know that.

    Lastly, I want to offer any assistance I can to Prison Planet. I hope to be involved at some point in the future as a writer and video producer, having worked in those fields successfully for many years.

    Thanks again for all you do!

    For peace and freedom,

    Gary Kutcher

    P.S. On a slightly different note: I am reading a brilliant and wonderful book about synchronicity and many other topics. It synchronistically came into my hands! I think you might enjoy this fabulous philosophical and funny treatise: “Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Be well my friend!

  3. Hi, Lee Ann!
    I discovered you only an hour ago from a link originating out of G. Edward Griffin’s “Reality Zone”. You already know this, but you are one smart cookie. You clearly have competent command of financial manipulations. However, your gift is your marvelous ability to clearly explain it. Even a great quantity of severely dumbed-down, mostly mindless amerikkans have a chance to understand the facts you present. Bravo! I like your style; wry, sardonic, a bit sarcastic, and incisive. Several more adjectives suit you, too. REAL Americans (we’re not all extinct, yet, and you’re one of us, albeit youthful) surely grasp the meanings in your report.

    As for your coooool New Year’s resolution . . . I relate. My first cognizance of this cosmic positive energy was as a chess player. While awaiting my opponent’s next move, I grew anxious that I’d left myself vulnerable; less than optimum position or poor timing of moves. Careful scrutiny re-apprised me that I’d already preemptively dealt with the potential problem. When you’re performing well, things are beautiful, synchronistic and a bit magical. You can feel euphoric, and a boost from some cosmic power. And life does give you more such circumstances. May life give you many. You’ve fathomed an advanced Truth.

    Thank you for being a champion for Truth, Freedom, Liberty and Justice. Please continue.

  4. Somewhere you captioned a photo with words to this effect: “Decide you want it more than you fear it.” That and the above are great words to live by. Keep doing what you do, girl!

  5. Hi Lovely Miss Mcadoo! Well i like your reports in infowars! I dont do much public message since i dont trust the net of obvious reason! Dont have any facebook, twitter accounts or instagram etc…Im curious by nature and wants to know more about everything. Im like the cat! Trying to see things outside of the box! I wonder if you for instance have read the book “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness” by Carl Johan Calleman? It show a different view of the world etc. My favorite topic in school were history and political science. I wish you a good 2014!

    I hope you can read it. English is my second language. Im swedish so i hope it makes sense!

    Sincerely Dennis

  6. Totally agree Miss McAdoo. The universe is like a giant network of interconnected particles. When you feel a certain, the entire universe resonates with you.

    Do watch this if you haven’t:


  7. Rabbit Fur

    All the days of our lives
    go homelessly racing on,
    clouds before a mindless wind.

    There is nothing worth doing anymore,
    or even thinking about.
    Princes and princesses
    are caught in the pages of fairy tales,
    rainbows are cut in pieces
    and put in storage for a rainy day,
    adventure is limited to a trip to town.
    Everything has shrunk to what we know.

    Sometimes cracks of light appear in the withered world
    but quickly disappear beneath the eraser of habit.
    Sleep dissolves any vagrant rays.
    We barely even dream.

    We’ve seen so much, or might have seen so much.
    Why did we wait? What are we waiting for?
    We are waiting for something, yes?
    For what?

    Perhaps it is like the softness of rabbit fur,
    the incomprehensible stroking,
    the eyes-rolled-back gladness.
    Perhaps the world is so pleasurable
    we never really need to know it.
    Perhaps only academics and lunatics
    can grok atoms, quarks, god.
    Perhaps our hands,
    reaching out to caress the world,
    keeping the hounds of our minds at bay,
    are smarter than we.
    Perhaps we could not even bear to know
    what it is we touch.

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