Check Out My Interview with Vibin Higher!

We discuss waking from the space..and my experience working on “Hope Dies”.

 ZEALE  feat. Patricia Lynn



4 thoughts on “Check Out My Interview with Vibin Higher!

  1. Hello. I was wondering if you could relay this to Alex. Do you think you can get Corey Feldman as a guess and expose Hollywood pedophilia? I’ve been trying to contact Infowars for a while now. I know you guys did some real good reports on pedophilia, but to get Corey Feldman, Todd Bridges, any child actors to expose this and name names would be BIG. Corey Feldman said Corey Haims was molested in the movie Lucas. He said the monster who did it was big time Hollywood name, but wouldn’t disclose who it was. That’s it. Continue the great work.

  2. Hi Lee Ann! Your work is AMAZING, please contact me if you have a moment, so many things I’d like to talk about with you! I’m a musician and fellow truth seeker who wants to make the world a better place, I’d like to get involved more with Info Wars in any capacity I can, I’m a long time subscriber, Infowars product purchaser, Alex Jones fan, David Icke fan, exploring spirituality and the nature of existence. How can I help more?? Check this JFK remix I made ;0)

  3. Hey Lee Ann,
    Like your infowars reports. Have not found another way to contact you.I have contacted Info wars before, unfortunately no reply. I’ve lived in one of the US Ter.for a long time and there are some interesting things going on. First of all, they are spraying here as well. I noticed it 2 years ago, then it stopped and now they are doing it again. The planes are very likely coming from Puerto Rico and spraying up here (upwind from the 4 mil. population) so the wind takes it right above PR. Just today, the sky was weird and criss crossed with trails. Another interesting thing, the vice president comes down here very often and the rumor has it, he bought a home down here. Every time they come, it is a complete charade of sheer overboard security and other measures. I believe this could be a good report. The herd would be shocked about what enormous amount of money and other resources go to little trips like this. It is unreal. For example, when biden’s wife goes jogging – it takes 4 -6 vehicles with staff. People should be informed about this and Fox will not give it to them. How about bringing their own food, water, gas, vehicles and guard dogs? I am not anywhere on the web. Let me know if you’d be interested in knowing about all this. Best. Milo

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