Your Seriousness is about Sandcastles


“Your seriousness is about sandcastles. And you yourself will leave them one day, trampling them down, and you will not look back. The people who take it seriously miss the beauty of playfulness.” ~ Osho

12-19 130

We live on a blue planet
 that circles around a ball of fire
 next to a moon that moves the sea,
and you don’t believe in miracles?
-Universe Speaking –

34 thoughts on “Your Seriousness is about Sandcastles

  1. Your so beautiful . And your an info awesome. I’m in love .lol jk.but you are very gorgeous and your intelligence only amplifies it

    • Gorgeous intelligence women taking over boys lol To bad angles are men yes Angles in Heaven are men like no sex no women must be nice…..wait what lol

  2. those who don’t believe in miracles are too blind to see them when they are actually taking place because of their inability to focus on more than one thing at a time and with all of the distractions that are available nowadays makes that much harder for them.

  3. We definitely need more of this in the world. And by this I mean a better perspective, more introspection, self-reflection, awe, wonder, love, peace and acceptance. Not to mention, we could always use more pics of you at the beach lol. Keep fighting the good fight beautiful. And thanks!

  4. You look so much like Victoria Principal in that picture, when she played on Dallas, but I think you are much prettier in comparison. You also have the intelligence to match your beauty.

  5. But the real miracle comes when we find the Truth- that there is no ball- that the Concave Earth model is true- we are on the inside crust of the Earth and Heaven is the core- He was right up there all along. Smooch

  6. Oh my goodness you are a lovely woman! Not to mention intelligent, we (hubby and I) watch your segments quite frequently and always enjoy your barely reserved contempt for certain governments, groups, or situations, it makes us giggle a bit which is nice as the world is a not so funny or amusing place at this point in time.
    Malo periculosam libertatem, quam quietum servitium.
    I prefer the perils of liberty, over the quiet of servitude.

  7. The most eligible bachelorette! I wonder if you find it impossible to know who would make your mate? Can you tell me what you can’t find? Many must wonder as it becomes impossible for truthers not to see you as a friend.

  8. Absolutely no doubt miracles happen by multitudes every day, being in right place at right time is we’re the tricky part comes in, in my opinion Leeann some have said slow down ..smell them there roses , mind not the thorns which as you have seen many of them lol, so it does serve to be observing of things if we wish to enjoy the time we have here…

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