That Awkward Moment Between Birth and Death

A Prayer For The New Year

This year I welcome a sweeping inventory of my emotions. I connect with my experiences and like sandbags snipped from a hot air balloon, I release any unwanted baggage weighing down present opportunity so I can rise to my next destination.

I allow the magic of transformation and release to guide me serendipitously to my highest and greatest good.

Lee Ann McAdoo

 Have you set any intentions for the New Year?

You can see London from here by Matt Gibson
You can see London from here by Matt Gibson


  1. Leaving this planet brings sorrows and tears. It would be nice if this wasn’t true. I want to sneak outa here with millions enjoying what I have created with zero people being having tears or feeling sorrowful.

  2. Is that you in the picture? I’ve been thinking about adding myself into imagery on my wordpress but havent decided on just how yet.

    When I think of sorrow, pain, and suffering I cant agree with Buddha that all suffering is a result of desire. What of external circumstances? Accidents? Chronic pain?

    But it occurs to me to what end all the suffering, misery, poverty, war in the world etc? To what purpose? If this life is preparation for the next, maybe there are challenges in the next one….

  3. Castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually. Of course Brian Cox would say there is nothing in the laws of physics that says a sandcastle could not build itself. Just unlikely.

    Nice to hear you on the moneybomb goin’ ahead, you are getting used to that flow now. Good stuff.

  4. Hi Lee Ann,
    I was on my WordPress page that lists all the blogs I follow, and I clicked on yours and guess what? It said “This connection is untrusted.” Fortunately I do in fact “. . . understand the risks” so I clicked on that. Yes, the risks of being well informed. Well done: all your great work, your vids with such grace and good humor, and your commitment to the plain truth.
    Rock the world,

  5. Great post, I to have had this feeling over the last year or so. A lot of people do not take the time to think about such things. They waste to much time, on things that do not measure up to anything worth while. Great Blog. Take care, Jeff, Pensacola Florida. 🙂

  6. Sorry to be this direct here, but holy cow, you are so pretty!!
    Thank you for your insights and with your help with free thinking, keep on the good work this year too!
    Have a nice life.

    Yours always

  7. Lee Ann,

    For your possible interest.

    Our electric universe. (No Big Bang — the universe has always been here . . . gravity doesn’t exist as a separate force — things are held together by electrical forces . . . there is no ghost called Dark Matter — it was created out of thin air by Big Bang cosmologists, etc.)

    “Einstein bequeathed us a disconnected, incoherent universe that cannot function or give rise to life. . . . Sometimes a concept is baffling, not because it is profound, but because it is wrong.”

    “Wal Thornhill: An Electric Cosmology for the 21st Century | EU Workshop”

    (quote is from at minute 5:01)

    Great job in your continuing work to help humankind out of the early grave the Rothschilds have planned for it.


  8. I feel we should hold our new years intentions nice and lightly for danger of falling into feelings of self defeat etc when they crumble 6 weeks later. Like all the noobs you see in the gym in January clogging up the classes, then you don’t see them after February when they feel their collective consciences are sufficiently cleansed! Rather I see self defeating habits like faded leaves in the fall that we have no use for anymore, like the tree we don’t have to throw them off or get into a battle with them etc, they just fall away when they’re ready and enough light gets inside them to truly see them and their effects on ones life.

    Love that pic, I have it as wallpaper on my ipad. …float high this year pretty lady!

  9. You’re an interesting girl LeeAnn – endlessly bold to the world but completely incompetent if it ever came down to you telling anyone you loved them… You have to be an Aquarian.

  10. You are wise well beyond your years, a very old soul no doubt. I know exactly what you are talking about, I think you’re like me, you want synthesis rather than polarity. The physical avatar is nothing but confinement to a soul more in touch with their spiritual self. i used to think it was to learn, but I realize it’s really just to empathize – to synthesis ourselves and accept the reality of our own authenticity.

    PS. are you single? 😉

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