Working on My Reflection

When the world outside has seemingly gone mad, it is time to go within.  How can there be peace “out there” if we don’t have peace in our own hearts?

There is so much beauty in the world worth fighting for, the irony is the battle begins within.

The easiest way for me to reconnect with what’s true is turning off the PROGRAM (whatever distraction of the matrix that may be) and tuning into nature.

She’d love to show us the way if we’d just tune in. Whether listening quietly to our own breath and beating heart, or micro-focusing on the pulsating veins in a leaf, she is there. Abundant, Playful, Free. Even while being neglected with reckless ingratitude and distorted to suit our human needs, she will find a way. To unearth yourself, find her.

Take a walk barefoot. Hug an old tree. Swim naked under the stars.  Remember that you, too, are just stardust and earth and saltwater and air. 





  1. Nature does bring peace. Has harsh a nature may seem, its honest and innocent. You should come to Southeast Alaska. The land of Raw Beauty and Spirit. Artists paradise.

  2. I really enjoy listening to your take on the news. I have worked for decades to make this nation great again. I’m happy to see that some people get it ;))))) The original Celtic Knight

  3. We find ourselves at times lost. Lost within and lost without. Day to day routines and objectives leaves us searching for a fulfillment that never seems to be in the present or within arms reach. It always seems to be a want or need that is veiled and away from us or off in the distance. We try to desperately find something or someone whom we connect to, to find a sense of security or belonging as a reassurance that we are not alone. Yet here we are, as connected to one another as we have ever been and yet we still feel empty or lost at the end of each other’s days. Where do we go from here, where do we search? Within ourselves or within each other?

    Time values only time, if memories aren’t created with one another through connection and fulfillment that only love can bring…If nature is looked upon as purity than being alone cannot be looked upon as being organic, because being alone or without is simply not being connected to the divine flame of self that guides us all, hidden from behind the veils of existence…

  4. Palingenesia

    Truth is a pathless land. Truth keeps this world together, without it, this world will crumble into the waters of chaos. Truth is a pillar; like the spine, the source of integrity and strength.

    One of the most attractive things about a person is their willingness to search out the truth and not hide their face from it. I wish we could meet irl, I would love to see which direction a conversation would go. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  5. Amazing chakra picture. Wish you could do a spiritual based video for infowars or on your own site. I’m a medical sensitive and feel something comprimising about 1 of your infowars nutritional products, can you scan them and see if you feel 1 product feels strange. Get in touch if you want. Love your work.

  6. (Reply to “Working on my reflection”)

    I saw you in a dream. You were in a field standing and looking for something that had some special meaning or purpose. It appeared as if you were searching for an innocence or love that was once very close with you. I realized during this dream that it may be that I, myself was the one who was seeking this innocence and love that had been lost in the measurements of time. The field where you stood had lots of trees enclosing this vast space and all of the trees were of the different colors that the fall season brings. There you stood, your omnipresence alive and breathing with the movement of the trees as lucid as if the wind was your very own breath, waiting in peace and absorbing all the beauty of your spirit and the environment that existed in this eternity.

    The spirit is immortal, the treasure is finding that mystery and secret that keeps all those searching on the quest that lies in everyone’s subconscious. Telepathy is what is discovered between those whom discover the inner-connectedness between each other on that immortal energetic field, as vast and as infinite as space itself. The sub-conscious guides your consciousness as your spirit guides your heart and mind.

      1. You inspired me, what can I say…I did the double post because I didn’t see the initial post go through at the time. I wanted my post to be along the lines of a duet with your initial reflection and vision.

  7. The untapped potential of the subconscious is what the mystery of telepathy is all about…Learning how to exist in this energy field lies the wonder of your own spirit…The spirit is immortal and that’s where the treasure exists…

    I saw you in a dream, alone in a field, it was fall for every color of nature was revealed in this field…You were searching for something, something of a sublime innocence that was once as natural as the environment you were lost in…Or maybe it was myself, who was searching for this innocence or love, and there you were, a picture perfect moment captured in time and space, where the only relevance to myself in this consciousness was you, standing there in an omnipresence trying to bring me back to the reality of your presence…

  8. What does this spiritual battle entail? Is it a means to come to grips with our place with nature? The interconnectedness of man and all things? Subordination to the divine? What does it mean to you?

    I’m currently trying to awaken my family to reality but being met with great resistance. I can at least ensure my children have their eyes open as they get older.

    Found this after seeing the interview with Billy Corgan, and I have to say I have profound respect for that man now.

    Thank you and all the others at infowars for doing all that you do. I would love to get the opportunity to soak some knowledge from the great minds you work with. It’s a travesty how people behave in the face of well intentioned reporting. And, to be frank, I’m embarrassed as an American male that my ilk would belittle your work by making sexual comments toward you. I urge you to continue putting the truth out there, exercising your second amendment right to ward off creeps, and keep the battle going. Thanks again.

  9. No doubt nature renews us spiritually. That’s why all this electronic disassociation and distraction has been well thought out. It pulls us out of our natural balance and we fail each other morally and spiritually. I’m sad to be a part of this generation that has some weird romance tied to big citys, small living quarters and getting lost in a cyber realm. I cant pull anyone out of it 😥 Wishful thinking never hurts though…..I can appreciate the positivity in these days, glad I’m not completely alone 🙂

  10. So happy to see someone with a platform start to express spirituality from there own perspective. You are strong in doing this. I wish infowars discussed this a little more since so many scared christans listen everyday, it would help a lot. It seems though that Alex Jones still hasnt overcome his fear of speaking on it. Thank you for trying to expose the truth but this is just as much a spritual battle as it is political. Thank you

    1. Thank you David, I agree. I have found myself holding back some for fear of what some might think of me. “New Age Witch” being the most popular one. Then I realize, if that’s all they got, that’s not so bad. Truth is truth 🙂

  11. Hey Leanne, I see you are a lion tamer. What a coincidence! I am an amateur big cat tamer myself. Would you mind leaving some tips and maybe videos or pictures of you experiences working with big cats?

    If not I settle for being ensorcelled by your musing.

  12. Lee Ann,

    You are partially right. The world hasn’t “seemingly” gone mad, it has. And there is truth, it’s perfect truth and it’s really not hard to find. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

    The nature that you find peace in is a manifestation of HIM, The Great I AM. 🙂

    You are 100% correct that the not so secret battle is a spiritual one. Make sure you’re on the right side!!!!!

  13. I’m not to sure about yoga, I never tried it . However if you think it benefits your mind or Spirit or even just makes ya feel a bit better then I see no harm in reading or listening to what you have to say about it. Good to see all going well .

  14. Wonder Woman, perfect in every way! Check out John Prine’s ‘Some Humans Aint Human” on YouTube, esp the Austin City Limits version. Might make a good bumper intro. I love what you do and who you are. Merry Christmas!

  15. Lee Ann, please get married and have more babies. The human freedom movement needs more babies! Austin fun-life gets very tedious after 40. You’ll wish you had more family when you are 50. Don’t be one of those lonely old cat ladies obsessing over fresh fruit at Central Market. Make more family now!

      1. Keep up the great work Leeann! Your a beautiful soul, a smart beautiful person and great reporter!! Would Love to meet you in person sometime! 😉 Keep up the Great Work! From a die hard (Single) Infowarrior in Toledo,Oh

  16. the red road has many paths, there are paths of turmoil and many paths of calm, when the time comes you heart will show you the path of calm, but you must choose what your heart shows. and when that time comes you will know .

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