Controlling Humanity: When Thoughts Become Things

A new word came across my radar recently; Egregore, an occult concept representing the “atmosphere” or energy that is created when a group of people come together for a common cause. Some believe it is possible that this energy can be harnessed to effect a certain outcome, while others believe a psychic entity itself is created which can control humanity. When I began to research this term, I knew that it was important to share considering the hive-mind mentality growing in the United States and elsewhere 

Author and researcher, Mark Stavish was on one of my favorite shows recently (Open Minds with Regina Meredith) to discuss his new book on this topic.

Mark explained the word “Egregore” derives from the Greek word egrégoroi meaning “watchers”. In historical occult terms, it describes an autonomous physical or psychic being that develops as a result of group thinking.

Secret Societies grow egregores that are empowered by the rituals and group think of its initiates, sometimes nourished over hundreds of years. This entity allegedly gives power back to the group in exchange. Religion and the purported power felt by followers is another example of this energetic exchange.

We can see examples of egregores just about everywhere, mostly harmless ways of connecting and keeping order. Modern examples include: Corporate Culture, community standards, memes, and political ideologies. Consider a prayer circle, where the collective energy is seen as forming a shield around whatever is being prayed over. Observe the very palpable energy inside a sports stadium, with tens of thousands of feet stomping in unison either energizing their team or “hexing” the opposing team. Mass-meditation is an example of the collective consciousness being harnessed to promote positive change with worldwide mindfulness aimed at a particular outcome like world peace. 

To be clear, an egregore isn’t good or evil, it results from the group mind. It is similar to the term “zeitgeist” in that it represents the collective consciousness, but it goes deeper to describe something born energetically out of our own thoughts.

You’ve heard the saying Thoughts Become Things. If two or more are thinking in unison, well those thoughts create even more of a thing energetically speaking (Matthew 18:20). This is one of the oldest tenets of any hermetic order, “the secret” to attracting anything into your life. “Where attention goes, energy flows..” and so on. Our thoughts really do have power! Especially thoughts attached to emotion.

Still, some mystics believe, according to the historical occult definition of the word, that there may be an entity “out there” feeding off collective energy and using it to control humanity.  As if the density of the energy itself is a portal through which nonphysical beings can control physical outcomes. 

Watching Hitler give a speech to a seemingly hypnotized crowd of thousands is an important historical example of a dark and deadly egregore forming. A collective consciousness being fueled by national pride was then perverted by a maniac who many believe was possessed by dark forces himself. Hitler was reportedly obsessed with aliens and the occult and harnessing otherwordly power. 

What I find both interesting and concerning about this idea of the egregore is its potential to be used as a social control mechanism, Today a simple meme can convince millions to pick a side, for better or worse. People become utterly obsessed with their team (Trump! Russian Collusion!) and will protect that allegiance at all costs, even to the point of delusion. That could look like burning their city to the ground in a group-fueled frenzy to celebrate a sports win, or overlooking the President’s potential pandering to neocons wanting war in Syria because 4D chess, donning a pink pussy hat in freezing weather to project collective hatred for the patriarchy onto one appointed villain, or worse, the collective energy percolating from millions marching and saluting in unison somehow convinced that it was morally imperative to send their fellow citizens to the gas chamber.

History has shown that humans are easily ensorcelled by sociopaths who harness their collective energy to commit unthinkable atrocities, or simply get them marching to demand the forfeit of their freedoms in exchange for security.

The reason I wanted to bring this idea to your attention, Dear Readers, is to inspire you to turn off your TV set and social media and turn on your discernment. Ask yourself if your ideas are really your own or were they beaten into you from birth, inspired by news and entertainment, by an overzealous Alinsky-loving professor, or maybe because it’s just what the kids are doing these days. Would you jump off the proverbial bridge for the President’s whims even if it meant going to war on a WMD-sized lie? Is the group you’ve recently joined helping you to attain your own personal goals or has your enthusiasm been hijacked to help the group achieve its aims? 

“False idols can take the form of thoughts and ideas as well as objects”

 Richard Smoley, Quest: Journal of the Theosophical Society in America)

Even more pressing, the thought police, empowered by technocratic overlords, are stifling the very information you are allowed access to. Now it’s not just misinformation, disinformation, or outright propaganda you have to sift through, but also understanding the deliberately limited information you receive is filtered through a very biased group who would like nothing more than to control where your attention (and therefore your energy) goes. 

Strengthening your God-given inner wisdom and discernment is of utmost importance at this time.

It simply cannot be done when there is constant chatter from cable news pundits bantering about the latest bit of razzle-dazzle disinfo or in between the marathon mindlessness of non-stop scrolling through carefully curated social media posts that are meant to sell you something, be it an outfit or an ideology. You have to turn it all off for some inner peace and quiet. Only then can you hear that still, small voice which gets louder with practice. Only then will you recognize if you’re living intentionally or being emotionally manipulated.

Being able to create something from nothing, manifesting our thoughts into physical things, is our superpower! Yet this power to create mental images that materialize is easily and purposefully hijacked by distractions and fear-based programming, stealing us away from our one life and steering our energy toward an agenda that may not be our own. Until we reclaim control over our very powerful thoughts and choose to create a better reality than the one being projected to us on our screens, we remain slaves to a hidden order that maintains its control by using our very own energy to keep us caged. 



  1. Hello Lee Ann, I have a quick question, if you don’t mind! I’m ALWAYS seeing the number 11 or 11:11 or things adding up to the number 11! This is a DAILY thing! What are your thoughts?

    Thank you!

    1. I see that too! If you do a search for “sacred scribe angel numbers” there is a great resource with some interesting info on seeing repeating numbers and what they might mean

  2. So, I’ve actually bought the book mentioned, and read half way through. I do plan on finishing it. But I feel as though it may be necessary to clarify a certain part of this concept that many would overlook. According to the book, An Egregor is a creation of or an empowerment of an existing entity, and that when you harness one, is it not specifically benevolent or healing all the time. The easiest connecting ones are the most absolute malevolent. And they say you cannot create angelic Egregores. I see a problem with that, as that means it’s not at all possible to summon benevolent beings into reality. But more than that, I think it’s possible that we as individuals are our own Egregores. When you take a step back, and realize that we are incarnates of angels, from either the past abyss’ or the past heavens’. Doesn’t matter, if we’re born from immortals, into a mortal form, it means we have a fresh slate. And with that, it’s our choice in what we want to pursue, things that lead back to eternal life, or eternal death. Eternal death is obviously confusing, because its not meant to be understood by our minds. Imagine, your existence being erased and you have to be conscious of it at the same time. But nevertheless, the reason why you cannot create an Angelic Egregor outside of yourself is because you can only create one within, when you realize your angelic nature. We are all not bound to be fatalistic when you can choose your own determinism. And to be free within and become fully independent in your choices inside yourself, will harness that intellectually benevolent angelic entity that we all have within ourselves. As i have said, it is our choice to pursue either eternal life or eternal death, and the way you do that is redeem ourselves not just by faith but by working benevolently. To heal and to do no harm, no matter how enticing it may be. That which heals self and others without an ounce of harmfulness, that is absolute benevolence. And the inner Angelic Egregor? Well, when realized, you’ll see past the facades of the falsification of lights, and find yourself able to perceive to the Highest of Deities, the God of gods. We are only limited by our imagination. And when you repeat imaginative constructs, you build a willpower that no one can stand against.

  3. Wow! I always had a feeling that egregores were real, i didnt know it even had a name. When my great grandma died back 2005, i saw her spirit hovering the skies of old mexico in a dream. And she was assisting and healing people who begged for help to the skies and nothing would respond except her. In another dream, i saw Hagar give up the ghost in the deserts that is now Mecca. And she remained there to look after her descendents. Her spirit in the dream, was called Allah. Mind you im a christian, and am not a muslim. But it is interesting how youve confirmed my dreams by just this word alone: egregore!

  4. Well there is a conundrum here. To move the ball politically you have coalesce a group of people around some-thing. And if you want them to be loyal and energized, that will require some emotion and focus. One can’t be behind a movement “sort-of, with exceptions and nuances”…you’re either on the team or your not when fecal matter strikes the ocillator. So it’s important to pick your side and decide what the core reason was, and bail out only if your core values have been betrayed or abandoned.

    Critics and hair-splitters don’t change history–they have no momentum.

    So nice to hear from you Lee Ann.

  5. Stay away from all things that doesn’t have a Christian “shine” to it. The ego has the power to collect what it wants for prosperity or destruction. Seeking the Light tends to favor more Light. Be careful what you wish for. Excellent article!

  6. social constructs …made up by fools. I’m sorry, I’m not interested.

  7. Hi Lee Ann,
    Excellent article for the time we are living in….seems quite obvious that some mass hypnosis and even hysteria are being triggered in some people. I for one am trying to be more careful on information taken in …as some is deliberate deception. Thank you and God bless you

  8. I agree that group-think has a dangerous side. It can lead to people doing things outside the realm of normal social acceptability, to the point of government overthrow. I think everyone should dispose of their televisions, as I did in 1999, and consciously filter their news sources. Consider new information through your natural or God-given moral/ethical sense before becoming an automaton random number in a cult.

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