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Try Not To Squirm: Watch An Entire Ecosystem Emerge Inside A Jar Of Pond Water

A Squeamish Visual On Why You Should Never Drink Standing Water

I’m not exactly sure what rabbit hole I traveled down to receive this video suggestion, but every once in awhile the algorithm gets it right.

In an absolutely mesmerizing video series, Youtuber “Atomic Shrimp” captured the emergence of an ecosystem after scooping up muddy pond water and weeds and sealing it in a jar. After the mud settles, we get to watch organisms slowly reveal themselves. Watch in awe as nature finds a way:

Apparently, there is a whole community based around “Life In Jars” with many different science experiments taking place for your viewing pleasure. Add some to your homeschool science classes during quarantine, I’m sure they will be a big hit!

Each video in the Atomic Shrimp series gives us a weekly update tracking growth from the very first single-cell organisms, to flatworms, and finally a vertebrate that begins to grow.

This last one is where the series gets dodgy because, according to the video, it is illegal to confine vertebrates where the filming takes place, so the man has to walk us through the play-by-play of how he didn’t violate shelter-in-place orders and took painstaking measures to safely return the pond dwellers back to their natural habitat. Unfortunately, with all of the wannabe-authoritarians getting a kick out of snitching on their neighbors during COVID 19 distancing, you can’t blame the guy for covering his bases. It’s just a shame that had to take away from the beauty of this soothing science series.

Even though I was transfixed with Atomic Shrimp’s microcosmic content, I couldn’t help but feel a bit squeamish watching all of those organisms emerge once the mud settled. Tell me you haven’t had the intrusive thought of invasive worms and things growing inside your body from contaminated food or water.

Once, my Airbnb host in Portugal told me she got our water directly from the local stream. Apparently this was common and all the locals did it.

Needless to say, I didn’t stay properly hydrated during my stay.

Not wanting to risk bringing home any intestinal hitch hikers from my next planned trips to Morocco and Portugal (if we’re ever allowed out of our houses!) I invested in a LifeStraw. Easy, affordable, portable, and – not that I would ever test it out- their ad shows a person slurping right out of a scummy pond!

Perhaps you’re brave (or not) enough to taste purified water straight from the source? Stay safe and filter shady tap water both foreign and domestic.

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